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“I thoroughly enjoyed my yoga teacher training with Inspira Yoga. The teachers were very knowledgeable and the course content was well organised with a comprehensive manual. I would definitely recommend Inspira to anyone looking to start their teacher training. ” Jessica Cronshaw, Inspirayoga student (2017-2018)

“The teaching at Inspira Yoga is thorough, enjoyable and inspires confidence as you train. The teachers are knowledgeable, supportive and experienced.”  Lauren Chalmers, Inspirayoga student (2017-2018)

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Inspira Yoga. All of the teachers have a wealth of knowledge and bring their own unique style and passion to the training. I was particularly impressed by Mark‘s depth and breadth of knowledge and it was an honour to be able to study under him. ” Charlotte Sands, Inspirayoga student (2018-2019)

“The teachers are all amazing and the course is very well designed. I have learnt much more than expected and thoroughly enjoyed the last 10 months with Inspira Yoga.” Shuntao Li, Inspirayoga student (2018-2019)

“My 200h YTT with Inspira Yoga was an unforgettable experience; great teachers, format and content. I’ve gained the knowledge, skills and confidence that I need to become a yoga teacher. This training is the beginning of a wonderful journey. ” Luciana Triggiano, Inspirayoga student (2018-2019)

“What I most appreciate about Inspirayoga is the openness of the instructors. They expose the student to different yoga philosophies and asana methodology. This allows the student to develop their own unique practice. Aside from just the teaching Raquel and Mark (also, Steve) create a supportive family like environment that fosters learning, creativity and openness. ” Leah Hall, Inspirayoga student (2016-2017)

“Inspira Yoga offer what I consider to be the best training programme – which you can take over the course of a year, which makes it perfect for busy working Londoners looking to transition to become yoga teachers. It’s also ethically priced compared to many other schools and includes a wonderful week in Spain at the end – the highlight of my training and possibly one of the best weeks of my life! If you’re considering doing your YTT and don’t want to feel like a ‘number’ in a big commercial yoga school, you will absolutely love what Inspira has to offer” – Julia George, Inspira Yoga Student 2018 – 2019.

“The best experience! I have just completed the 1 year 200 hour teacher training course and it was the most amazing and memorable experience. Mark and Raquel are fantastic teachers, breaking everything down really simply, they are so patient, kind and passionate about what they do, it is highly infectious. The format of the course makes it so easy to fit in whilst working full time and the final week intensive in Spain was really special, the mountains, the nature, the shala, the dogs, the amazing people – I highly recommend it to anyone that is considering a teacher training, this will change your life” – Hayley Elam, Inspira Yoga Student (2017-2018)

“Best teachers, strongest energy , and the best support system you would get from the teachers and the team at a ytt200 yoga teacher training – proud graduate! Would def be interested in workshops held by Raquel and Mark!! Thank youuuuuu” – Dania Alajlani, Inspira Yoga Student (2017-2018)

“When I decided to train as a yoga teacher, I looked at many different schools – none of which appealed to me. Then as if by ‘magic’, I came across Inspira Yoga and I knew instantly this was the right training for me!  I had an incredible and quite life-changing year with Inspira Yoga. Mark, Raquel and Sarah are all fantastic teachers and I have gained tons of knowledge which I will carry with me not just through my yoga journey, but my life journey too. And what’s more, I made friends for life! Thank you all!” – Zuzana Pagacova, Inspira Yoga Student (2016-2017)

“The most amazing teacher training experience, fabulous teachers, fabulous lessons, we became like one big happy family and so happy that we all still keep in touch  Our final week in the Spanish Mountains was out of this world xxx” – Julie Temperly, Inspira Yoga Student (2016-2017)

“I have completed my training with Inspira Yoga, they are amazing. To anyone who is looking to become a yoga instructor/teacher, I would fully recommend this course. The venue in Spain is so lovely.” – Note Swaisaenyakorn, Inspira Yoga Student (2016-2017)

“If you are thinking of becoming a yoga teacher look no further!! I could not have asked for better teachers, better curriculum, better location. The course itself is perfectly structured: 6 weekends in London where I was able to study, practice and work at the same time, and a whole fantastic week at the best location in Spain.  The teachers are fully prepared and able to assist with any questions or doubts. They are able to spread yoga knowledge and yoga vibes in everything they do and you can feel the true yoga passion behind their Teacher Training.  The location in Spain is absolutely stunning and the perfect place to deepen your practice and concentrate on the final exams.  Not to mention the fantastic yogi group that has been created during that time!! I am so glad I shared this training with such beautiful people.  I am super glad to have chosen Inspira Yoga as the beginning of my Yoga Journey. Since the end of the training (May 2017) I have started to teach yoga easily and with confidence, and I was able to leave my full time corporate job and follow my yoga passion!!” – Elisa Lavera, Inspira Yoga Student (2016-2017)

“I cannot recommend this course enough. All aspects were outstanding, and I was really surprised with how much I learnt over the year. The teachers are the best you will find, and really fun and interesting people too. So grateful I did this particular yoga teacher training, it was brilliant. Hoping there will be a short course to learn the second series. ;-)” – Belinda Grantham,  Inspira Yoga Student (2016-2017)

“FAR BEYOND MY DREAMS – My 200h Yoga teacher training with Inspira Yoga went far beyond everything I had imagined to learn, to become, to feel, to be.  I went to the training because I was ‘infected’ by ‘yoga’ only 6 months before. I knew nothing but I knew I wanted to learn it all. I didn’t even think of being able to teach after the training, it was not my motivation, but it became my award!  Now, only 2 months later I’m planning my first yoga retreat!  Even more – my hamstrings where so tight I couldn’t even touch the floor with my fingertips in a forward bend, yet after only 3 weeks I was able to grab my toes and bend my elbows doing so!  The most valuable thing was the time we all spent together, a group of like-minded people (9 students) around me who are now good and lovely friends who I don’t want to miss in my life. A massive thank you to my incredibly brilliant teachers Mark, Raquel and Steve!  Oh, and the place, the Cortijo in the Alpujarras is magical and so, so beautiful as well.  If you want to become a yoga teacher: choose Inspira Yoga! 1001% ;)” – Pia Kristina Herberg, Inspira Yoga Student (2017)

“I completed the YTT with Inspira Yoga and I am thankful because I learned for life. Moreover, I met wonderful and dedicated instructors as well as lovely students. I especially enjoyed the size of the group since it enabled a close and intimate atmosphere. Further, I could tell that the content and design of the theoretical courses as well as the asana practices stem from long experience of the teachers. The YTT provided me with new impulses that inspires me to deepen my knowledge about yoga. I feel well prepared for teaching after completing the YTT with Inspira Yoga and warmly recommend it for anyone who wishes to do a 200h intensive YTT.” – Ina Ko, Inspira Yoga Student (2017)

“The souls of these teachers shine so brightly! They are so passionate about sharing their practice and lifestyle and are talented educators. Their patience is outstanding, their knowledge impressive and the course is so well thought out. I had already done one teacher training prior to this course yet I still learned so much and enjoyed every minute of the experience. I highly recommend Inspira YTT to all!!!!” – Michelle Soper-Maure, Inspira Yoga Student (2017)