Inspira Yoga (45)

Certificates and Insurance 

At Inspira Yoga we have created a 200 hour teacher training course which shares our joy of teaching, knowledge and experience with our teacher trainees, so that they may go out into the world and teach with confidence, sensitivity and passion.

We sincerely hope that we can pass on the necessary skills and understanding that make our teacher trainees some of the most comprehensively qualified teachers in the world today.

The certificate you earn at Inspira Yoga is accredited by Yoga Alliance (USA) which is the only globally recognised organisation of its kind and allows you to not only enter the yoga teaching profession at a RYT 200 level but be eligible for public liability insurance.

However please be aware that the granting of a certificate does not automatically create a great teacher and of course many years of further study are required both ‘on and off the mat’.

Certification and Attendance

We feel and are required to adhere to certain training standards throughout the course so certificates are not automatically granted. Due to the intensive nature of the trainings we must insist on a minimum of 95% attendance in order to graduate.

If, however, you become mildly unwell during the course we ask that you are present to observe classes and lectures as we feel this is still a valid way of learning. In cases of chronic non –attendance, certificates of 100, 150 or 175 hours will be given respectively and extra hours will have to be made up at a later stage and possibly at extra cost.

Regarding written exams and practical assessments we require a 75% pass rate although there is the possibility of exam re-takes during the course.

If, in the unlikely event we feel a student has not fully understood the teachings or is unable to teach safely and effectively. we may issue a certificate stating “Further training required”. A full certificate may be granted at a later date after further teaching practice and study.


If you hold a Yoga Alliance accredited RYT 200 hour certificate, you may apply for public liability insurance from any number of insurance companies specialising in sports, massage and alternative therapies. In order to get cover through Yoga Alliance, you must be actively registered with them for a small annual fee. Many health and fitness clubs, gyms and yoga centres in the West already have their own insurance but usually insist teachers have their own as well.


For 200 hour trainings, certificates will be awarded to graduating students at the closing ceremony on the last day of the training.

If your certificate is lost, damaged or destroyed you may apply through us for a replacement copy.