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Yoga in Summer

Cool off this summer with yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. Stay focused, healthy and happy with some simple practices. Summer time means different things for different people. A time to holiday, hit the beach, and relax. However you view summer, one thing is constant: it’s hot. Really, really warm and muggy. And isn’t each year…

Why Choose Inspira?

What makes our yoga teacher trainings unique? Deciding to undertake a Yoga teacher training is big decision and each student who decides to do so, will have their own criteria & priorities for choosing the right training for them, taking into consideration style of yoga practised, time commitment, location, price, teachers and practicalities among others….

‘Commuter Yoga’ for Londoners!

You’ve had a great night sleep and woke up feeling rested and refreshed, ready to tackle anything that comes your way. The sun is shining and there’s a light breeze outside. Your hair looks like it just came straight out of Vogue and anything you put on makes you feel million dollars. You leave the…

The Benefits of Yogic Binds

What takes a normal yoga pose and makes it a bind? Yogic binds involve rotating the torso and shoulders and clasping the hands together. They require both intense focus to help stay in the pose, and flexibility to actually get into the pose.  Binding can help take your yoga practice to the next level and…

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