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Wellicious: Our Journey in becoming a Yoga Teacher with Inspira Yoga

Our lovely friends at Wellicious featured our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training on their website. Here is a copy of the article:


Signing up for yoga teacher training was probably one of the best decisions that we have taken in our lives. Not only have we improved our yoga practice and knowledge a great deal since we started this journey, but we have also developed a renewed love for doing yoga. We are enjoying our list of “must read books” recommended by our yoga teacher mentors Rachel Salvador and Mark Ansari of Inspira Yoga. It is very interesting to learn more about the concept of yoga, yoga anatomy, pranayama and the yogic philosophy in general. We have particularly enjoyed reading the Baghavad Gita, which is a sacred book about truth-realization between man and his Creator. It is astonishing that a lot of the yogic beliefs can still easily be applied to our modern day lives, especially when you think how old these books are.

What we like most about our yoga teacher training is learning how each posture is done in the correct way, so that we can in turn teach other people the correct way as well. We also appreciate the immense improvement and the benefit to our own personal daily yoga practice since we set out on our yoga teacher journey.  We also love the special bond that we have developed with our yoga mentors Rachel & Mark, as they guide us through our journey to becoming yoga teachers and trainers. If you plan on embarking on a similar journey, it is therefore essential that you spend quite a lot of time on your research in finding the perfect yoga teacher trainer for yourself. For our part, we can state wholeheartedly that we absolutely love our yoga teacher training with Rachel and Mark, not only because they have a lot of experience but also because they are open minded – both about what kind of yoga practise you will do after you obtain your yoga teacher certificate, but also about how you live your life, which is not a given for all yoga teacher training courses. Born in London, Mark is a registered 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher, and has studied with Ashtanga yoga founder Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. Rachel on the other hand undertook a 1-year teacher training course in 2007 in London, followed by further training in Mysore, India. She has studied with both Siva Rai & Jeff Phoenix, who have been influential in the development of her Vinyasa Flow Style.

Finally, we also have found an interesting yoga community through our yoga teacher training and it is always fun to meet up with our fellow yoga teacher students to talk about their experiences. So, for us, our yoga teacher training has been a positive experience throughout and we cannot wait to grow further, to take part at the many more yoga workshops in the future to expand our knowledge even further, and of course to teach yoga.

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